Formula One

Formula One

Motorsport is estimated to be worth more than £500m to the county's economy and is responsible for approximately 4,000 engineering jobs.

Eight of the 11 teams racing in 2014 were based in the UK, including big names such as Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes and Lotus. Britain has a dominant position in racing, and this stretches beyond the F1 teams to an entire supply chain feeding off the sport.

Electro-Discharge are very well placed to service this sector with it’s easy links to ‘motorsport valley’ and the Silverstone circuit in Northamptonshire.

The wire erosion process is a very economical and precise method for the production of aerofoil shapes for rally and formula one cars. Our rapid response to "Teams" requirements is unsurpassed due to our working shift patterns. Modifications to clutch housing, extra small oil flow holes in crankshafts and conrods are all turned around in 24 hours {often faster}.


Titanium Clutch Housing 110mm diameter  x 60mm


Tapered Conical Spline


Splined Half Clamp 150x150 mm


Formula 1 Foot Pedal.


Stellite Valve


Rear Aerofoil 140x25x40mm


Aerofoil Splitter 60x1mm


Non Conventional Machining
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