GF AgieCharmilles FORM 20 die-sink machines ….

Why Electro-Discharge continue to invest in FORM 20 die-sink machines as part of its EDM upgrade strategy. 

The new FORM 20 machines may be compact but they are jam-packed with productivity- and performance-enhancing features. “One of their key selling points is that they are equipped with GF AgieCharmilles’ IQ (Zero Wear) Technology. Since acquiring the new machines we have found that our (copper) electrodes can be used/re-used to machine 20 parts whereas before we invested in the FORM 20’s, electrodes needed to be re-machined (or new ones produced) after manufacturing only 2 - 3 parts.” 

IQ Technology has helped boost our productivity. Less time and is spent manufacturing new (replacement) electrodes and this has resulted in us providing shorter lead times. The low or no electrode wear helps improve cycle times and ensures that high accuracies and repeatability’s are consistently achieved.

The new FORM 20 machines are also equipped with a 4-position tool (electrode) changer which increases their productivity potential and allows us to run unattended overnight and/or over the weekends.

When we first heard about the FORM 20 machine’s performance, in terms of speed, surface finish, electrode wear characteristics etc. we were sceptical. We asked Agie Charmilles to undertake a series of trials to put the machine through its paces and on the basis of the results we invested in 2 machines straight away.


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