Quality Policy Statement

Electro Discharge is committed to maintaining its position as a non-conventional machining market leader and recognises the following key elements in achieving that:


• To build a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success by making sure we enact a timely and pro-active response to their needs.

• To supply products and services which meet or exceed the requirements of our customers and their customers in respect of the order or contract.

• To achieve our commitment for quality, cost and on-time delivery performance.

• To satisfy all applicable QMS related requirements by applying the principles of continual process improvement to all aspects of the business. Top management equally recognises that the unqualified support of all employees and suppliers is essential to the realisation of its objectives and has identified the following :


• The provision of a safe and orderly working environment.

• The establishment of clear and uninhibited lines of communication between all areas of activity including full awareness and understanding of the company.

Quality Policy

• The provision of adequate investment to maintain process capability and cost effective manufacture and to permit the investigation and development of innovative processing.

• The recognition and acknowledgement of the experience and individual product safety, ethical conduct and detection of counterfeit parts. In order to control the activities of the company and to monitor and improve the effectiveness of these controls. The management has established a quality management system which includes the following:

• A structured system of written practices for all business activities.

• Effective methods of data collection and analysis leading to quantifiable and measurable improvements in the performance of processes and supporting activities to allow us to set and improve our quality objectives.

• Systems to ensure best preventive practices at all levels to ensure reliable risk management.

• Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

A copy of our quality policy is available on request, please use the contact form:  Contact Form


Managing Director.